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New Fashion USB Big Microphone Headset For PS3/PC

Краткое описание: Now more and more people like listening music because listening music can help us relax and let us forget the trouble from work. Behind Head Headset can let you more happiness when you are listening music and it also can let you talk with your friend more happy. Wired Headset is very delicate and it is very cool when you wear it. Special material and humanity design ensure our Behind Head Headset is very comfortable to wear and its tone quality is high as well.
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  • Delicate and attractive appearance let our Behind Head Headset very popular among white collar
  • High tone quality is the most important character of our Wired Headset
  • Behind Head Headset can let you experience the enjoyment from listening music more sufficient
  • Special material and humanity design is another attractive character of our Behind Head Headset
  • Let our product help you be more closed with your friends
  • They are OEM products
  • Compatible with: PS3, PC


Package Included:

  • 1 x Headset