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Fashion Color Gun Laser Gun Move for PS3 Red&White

Краткое описание: Are you looking for some game guns? If you are, these ps3 game guns are just what you are looking for. These ps3 game guns are of competitively high durability and stability as well as of relatively low price. Additionally, the style of these Wii guns will make you be absolutely distinctive and outstanding than that of other similar products does. Never hesitate! Just take one, and undoubtedly you will make things much better from now on.
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  • These game guns are relatively distinctive with their appealing styles
  • These Wii game guns will give you a comfortable touch through their unique designs
  • Getting these Wii guns will help you to do activities more conveniently
  • Only to get these vibrative guns in hand can you know their superior advantages
  • These game guns will offer you more advantages to enjoy a more fashionable life
  • Compatible With: PS3


Package Included:

  • 1 x Move Gun for PS3